A Peace Corps Volunteer had a dream to use the nutritious leaves of the moringa tree to improve the lives of women in West Africa. Out of that dream, Kuli Kuli was born.

Our Company

Kuli Kuli is the world’s leading moringa brand with the highest quality moringa on the market. Moringa is a leafy green more nutritious than kale. Research suggests that it may provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits rivaling those of turmeric and potential benefits for diabetic patients. Kuli Kuli’s moringa powder, bars, smoothie mixes, shots, and teas are made in the US with moringa sourced directly from women’s cooperatives and small family farmers around the world. Called the "Top Wellness Trend" by Good Morning America, moringa is an extremely versatile and nutritious super green that can be blended into smoothies, sprinkled over savory dishes, or mixed into sauces. As the world’s premier moringa brand, Kuli Kuli sources only the freshest moringa leaves and maintains strict quality control standards. Hand harvested from family farmers and women's cooperatives in rural areas, Kuli Kuli’s moringa provides livelihoods to farmers around the world.Through direct sourcing and by harvesting only the freshest leaves, Kuli Kuli ensures that our moringa products are more nutrient-dense and less bitter than anything else on the market. Taste the Kuli Kuli difference.

Over 60% of Americans say incorporating more vegetables into their diet is their #1 priority 1 but only 4% of Americans are getting our recommended serving of veggies per day2. Kuli Kuli's delicious moringa products make it easy for Americans to get their greens on the go while planting millions of moringa trees and supporting thousands of small women moringa farmers. You can find our products in thousands of stores across the United States. Check out the Kuli Kuli Store Locator to find a store near you.

1 Diners’ Changing Behaviors. Wellness, Sustainability and Where to Eat 2015 report, The Hartman Group

2 National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance, 2015 National Action Plan Report Card

Our Story

Kuli Kuli’s founder Lisa Curtis first tried moringa while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in a small village in Niger . As a vegetarian, she was eating mostly rice and millet &emdash; a diet that left her feeling weak. When she mentioned her fatigue to women at the community health center, they pulled leaves off a nearby moringa tree and mixed them with a popular peanut snack called kuli-kuli. Lisa ate the Kuli Kuli moringa snack everyday and found her energy return. She began working with villagers to encourage them to use moringa. They asked her to help them sell the moringa leaves. Lisa founded Kuli Kuli to help women in West Africa use more moringa locally and earn a sustainable livelihood by selling a portion of each harvest to the US. Kuli Kuli launched onto the market in 2014. We have quickly grown into a multi-million dollar social enterprise that sells moringa products in thousands of stores and supports small moringa farming communities around the world.

Our Mission

Kuli Kuli's mission is to improve nutrition and livelihoods worldwide through nutrient-rich plants like moringa.

Our vision is to work with small farmers all over the world to drive economic growth, women’s empowerment, and sustainable agricultural development. We are creating a world where everyone has the resources and knowledge to access the nutritional power of moringa. By rejuvenating moringa as a tool for nutritional security, we hope a new generation will imagine a world without hunger.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and changemakers. We want to create a world where everyone has access to nutritious sources of food and malnutrition only exists in history textbooks. We’re excited to build that world with you. Join our team.

Our Team

Lisa Curtis
Founder, CEO

Lisa began working on Kuli Kuli while in the Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa. As a volunteer in her village’s health center, she gained an understanding of nutritional challenges faced in West African villages and how moringa can help address those challenges. Prior to Kuli Kuli, Lisa served as the Communications Director at Mosaic, wrote political briefings for President Obama in the White House and worked at an impact investment firm in India. Lisa has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 leader, a Udall Scholar and a “dedicated humanitarian” by the Muhammad Ali Center.

Lisa’s favorite way to eat moringa is by mixing Kuli Kuli’s Pure Organic Moringa Powder in her morning oatmeal with almond butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and fruit.

Jordan Moncharmont
Founder, CTO

Jordan keeps Kuli Kuli running smoothly, leading our tech, finance, and legal teams. A software engineer by training, Jordan founded Kuli Kuli with Lisa to foster the positive feedback loop offered by the moringa tree, one of the most nutritious plants on the planet. Jordan has always been interested in how communities and technology interact to solve the world's problems. Prior to joining Kuli Kuli, Jordan designed and implemented the online systems for Tesla’s cars, one of the largest internet-of-things deployments in the world with over 30 million connected sensors. He also served as a software engineer at Facebook from 2005 - 2010, where he learned how to scale a company quickly.

Jordan loves Kuli Kuli’s Energizing Moringa Tea.

Ericka Karner
Chief Growth Officer

Ericka comes to Kuli Kuli with over 25 years of marketing, sales and general management experience in the consumer goods industry. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from UCLA. Ericka's career has included positions at large companies like Kraft and Nestle, but start-ups have been where she feels most at home for the last decade. At Kuli Kuli, Ericka's focus is to drive profitable growth through innovation and strategic sales expansion. She is passionate about the Kuli Kuli mission to improve the lives of women across the globe with both business opportunities as well as healthy food options. A moringa fan herself, Ericka's favorite products are the Raspberry Acai Focus Focus Focus Shot, as well as the Dark Chocolate Moringa Energy Bar .

David Ray
Director of Operations

David comes to Kuli Kuli with several years of experience working for fast growth startups as well as legacy CPG companies. David’s main areas of focus are continuous production improvement, and developing a productive and efficient supply chain to support growth and innovation within Kuli Kuli.. Previous accomplishments include turning around the snack foods division at Zerocater and increasing customer retention 90% in 6 months, managing 300% production growth at Hellofresh and managing the SF Operation for all of SF region at Breather during huge growth phase. David loves working for Kuli Kuli, because it encompasses all of the disciplines of supply chain and at the same time working for a company whose mission is to improve the lives of others through improved nutrition, providing livelihoods for farmers in different countries as well as making a difference here in our own community.

Emma Giloth
Director of Marketing

Emma Giloth is a social entrepreneur and marketing professional dedicated to growing companies that support economic development, environmental sustainability and cross-cultural collaboration. She holds an MBA specialized in global social enterprise and entered the natural products industry when she launched a coconut oil cosmetic line in Senegal. Emma was one of Kuli Kuli’s first employees and joined because of her shared vision to harness agroforestry to build impactful supply chains and evolve the food industry. At Kuli Kuli, Emma leads the marketing team to develop and execute integrated marketing programs to educate consumers on the power of moringa. She focuses on building and implementing Kuli Kuli’s marketing strategy, leading consumer insights research and heading innovation and packaging. Emma is an active member of the impact team that works to achieve Kuli Kuli’s mission to support nutrition and livelihoods worldwide. Emma’s favorite products are the new Green Tea Energy Plus+ wellness shots - she drinks at least one every day!

Jim Fitzpatrick
Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Jim is an experienced brand builder in the fast-moving consumer goods industry with a track record of success for over thirty years. A true sales professional, Jim has pioneered startups, led transformational change and has had an impact on many brands, across multiple categories, in most channels of trade. He has built lasting relationships with the trade and broker partnerships. Jim has key expertise in building brand strategies, including developing pricing, gaining and expanding product distribution and developing sound trade marketing plans for large and small diverse brand portfolios, then, insuring the focused, flawless execution of the plans.

After years of working with Top 500 companies, Jim turned his focus towards working with start-ups as well as companies that were relaunching product lines. He finds much satisfaction and reward in developing new businesses and closing sales on products that he truly believes in.

He has a real passion for selling Kuli Kuli products and since becoming a huge fan of the Organic Pure Moringa Powder, he is committed to making it possible for more health-minded people to become consumers of all Kuli Kuli products by making it available wherever they buy food.

Matthew Collins
Production Planner & Operations Manager

Matt joins the Kuli Kuli team as the Planning and Production Manager. Matt is currently managing the Bar, Shot, and Smoothie production. Matt has had several career opportunities with Pepsico Gatorade, Peet’s Coffee, HelloFresh, and BareSnacks. Matt is a LSS Kaizen Leader, with many lean projects under the belt. Matt’s excited to join a very energetic and inspiring team. Matt’s favorite Kuli Kuli products are the Kuli Kuli’s Moringa Green Energy shots.

Soraiya Gessling
Senior Finance & Data Analyst
Mae Gleeson
Marketing Coordinator

Mae joined Kuli Kuli as a recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Ecology and Human Security. Post-grad, Mae sought an opportunity to follow her passion for environmental and social good by joining Kuli Kuli’s Marketing Team as the Marketing Associate. At Kuli Kuli, she helps guide a variety of aspects in the marketing department such as communications strategies, PR outreach, community management, and retail campaigns. Mae is dedicated to providing the Kuli Kuli community with the latest moringa education from it’s nutritious benefits to environmental impact. Mae’s favorite product is the new Green Tea Energy Plus+ Daily Green Boost wellness shot - what’s better than one supergreen? FIVE supergreens!

Ndapa Mendy
Logistics Manager

Ndapa Mendy is the Logistics Manager at Kuli Kuli. In this role, Ndapa supports the development of the company's international and sustainability-focused supply chain by concentrating on logistics fulfillment, quality assurance, and supply chain analysis. He has over a decade of experience spanning industries in domestic and international logistics. Prior to joining Kuli Kuli, Ndapa managed the performance of third-party logistics partners at City Express, Inc. and oversaw logistics operations between the United States and West Africa at Baobab Logistics. Ndapa has enjoyed eating moringa since his childhood in The Gambia. As such, he is excited to see the interest in moringa expand globally. Ndapa's favorite Kuli Kuli product is the Organic Pure Moringa Powder.

Sergio Mankita
Field Marketing Coordinator

Based in Miami, Sergio leads the Field Marketing Team and is part of Kuli Kuli’s marketing team. He’s been a part of the Kuli Kuli Family since 2017 first as a Brand Ambassador and then a Regional Marketing Manager before taking on this expanded role. He leads, organizes and manages all retail demo activities, provides content to the social media team, and advises on Hispanic marketing initiatives. Born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles, Sergio is a creative marketer, strategist and business development professional. He’s a bilingual, bicultural manager with 15+ years of experience managing, leading and growing brands in financial services, education, casual dining, automotive, food and healthcare. An avid traveler and foodie, Sergio has visited over 55 countries. He loves adding the Pure Organic Moringa Powder into his power smoothie every day, sometimes as early as 6:30 am!

Katie Powers
Account Manager

Katie is an Account Manager at Kuli Kuli focused on bringing on new retail and foodservice customers. Before joining the team, she worked to democratize access to capital for early-stage founders and both Kiva.org and Wefunder. She found Kuli Kuli on her entrepreneurial journey to launch her own alternative protein company and was hooked by Kuli Kuli’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and providing dignified livelihoods to women farmers. Her background in social entrepreneurship and fintech lends a unique perspective to the sales and innovation teams at Kuli Kuli. As a proud chocoholic, Katie’s favorite Kuli Kuli product is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie.

Karen Law
Business Development Fellow

Karen is a member of the Kuli Kuli's sales team. After earning her Bachelor degree in Sydney Australia, Karen began her career in Hong Kong, her hometown. Prior to joining Kuli Kuli, Karen has been working in the field of Business Development and Account Management for 5 years in two different UK based companies. Karen is a trilingual salesperson who enjoys building relationships with people from different cultures. She left Hong Kong to seek working experience in a mission oriented company and this has led her to Kuli Kuli. She loves that every sale she makes contributes to reforestation. As part of the sales team, Karen assists with account management, including outreaching to independent natural accounts, promotional analysis, supporting retail campaigns etc. Karen’s favourite Kuli Kuli product is the Daily Green Boost.

Allie Rigby
Communications Fellow

Allie is an environmental educator and writer who joins the Kuli Kuli team as the Communications Fellow. Before Kuli Kuli, Allie spent six years leading students on environmental field trips at Walker Creek Ranch. Each week, she wrote and led curriculum centered around place-based learning, hands-on ecology, environmental stewardship, and community-building. At Kuli Kuli, Allie brings her writing and environmental background into the world of ethical supply chains and food justice. As part of the marketing team, Allie creates and edits content for the Kuli Kuli blog, coordinates social media, and helps with PR and outreach. She loves the Stress Be Gone Wellness Shot as a midday boost.

Our Board

Ahmed Rahmin
Chief Alchemist of Numi Organic Tea

Ahmed Rahim is the Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Alchemist and Board chair behind Numi Organic Tea, one of the largest premium, organic, Fair Trade Certified tea companies in North America. Ahmed chairs the Numi Foundation board, working within their farming communities around the world on issues from education to health and nutrition. Ahmed co-founded OSC2, One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community, a national community of sustainable natural products CEO’s and business leaders. Ahmed co-founded Impact HUB Oakland, a community workplace for businesses and non-profits, and community events. Ahmed’s core goal is to be of service to those focused on caring for their community and creating positive change for our environment.

Ahmed’s favorite product is our Pure Organic Moringa Powder.

Simon Burton
Director, eighteen94 Capital

As eighteen94's Fund Manager, Simon loves identifying exciting ideas that capitalize on emerging trends and investing in the growth of those ideas; he brings a wealth of experience in the food, beverage and household product industries. Simon has a Bachelor of Art degree from King College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Washington University. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. In his spare time, Simon is an avid, longtime supporter of Chelsea Football Club. He also now enjoys biking, as he has given up any hope of improving his golf game.

Simon loves Kuli Kuli’s Dark Chocolate Moringa Energy Bar.

Chuck Templeton
Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Chuck Templeton is a long-time entrepreneur who has a deep passion for helping early-stage and emerging entrepreneurs and companies across multiple verticals. He is the founder of OpenTable and is now a Managing Director at Seed to Growth (S2G) Ventures. Chuck joined S2G Ventures because of a deep-rooted belief that it holds a unique opportunity to help reimagine our food system to move from cheap calories to cheap nutrition, while also mitigating and adapting to climate change. As an ultra-runner and former Army Ranger, Chuck is well-versed about the importance of healthy, nutritious food for maximum mental and physical performance. And as a father, a citizen and a business person, he believes the only solution that makes sense, is one with nutrient dense, affordable, sustainable and climate stabilizing food.

Chuck loves to take Kuli Kuli’s Black Cherry Bars along on his outdoor adventures.

Chuck Holt

Chuck is Vice President at InvestEco Capital Corp, a Toronto-based venture capital investment manager that focuses on the sustainable food sector. He has worked in venture capital impact investing for over 10 years, and is qualified as a lawyer and a Chartered Business Valuator. In addition to Kuli Kuli, he has worked with various portfolio company boards, including Chef’s Plate, one of Canada’s leading meal kit companies that was sold to Germany’s Hello Fresh in 2018. Chuck has an LL.M. from the London School of Economics, and an LL.B. from the University of Ottawa.

Chuck loves making green smoothies with Kuli Kuli’s Pure Moringa Powder.

Sumesh Sachar
Co-Founder, Managing Partner at Rocana Capital

Sumesh spent 18+ years in operating & C-suite roles across industry agnostic businesses all over the world. Having spent time in hyper-growth markets, he is well positioned to understand the balancing act of investing for growth while managing a healthy P&L. He started investing in Better-for-You CPG brands with Gurdeep 7 years ago and is a deep networker. His passion for the space and supporting entrepreneurs through hyper-growth phases is what makes him really tick. He’s lived in 5 different countries and now calls sunny L.A home. Sumesh loves Kuli Kuli's new wellness shots.

Lindsay Lee

Lindsay is the founder and managing member of Authentic Ventures, an early stage venture fund based in Oakland, California. Lindsay has been an investor in technology for over 18 years. Lindsay started his career at Merrill Lynch. He then co-founded a financial services software company. He subsequently served as CIO for an investment management firm he helped to grow to almost $1B. Immediately prior to starting Authentic Ventures, he managed a family office where he built and managed a very successful seed and early stage venture portfolio. Lindsay received his BA in Economics (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Florida. He received his JD and MBA degrees from Stanford University.

Lindsay’s favorite moringa product is Kuli Kuli’s Organic Moringa Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie.

Rich Grant

Rich is a founder and managing director at Touchdown Ventures, a firm that partners with leading corporations to help manage their corporate venture capital investment activities. In this role, Rich works closely with several corporate partners including Kellogg’s eighteen94 capital and is involved in all aspects of the investment process including identifying, evaluating, executing and managing venture investments. Rich co-founded Touchdown Ventures after seven years in venture capital and strategic development at Comcast. Prior to Comcast, Rich held corporate finance and development roles with Sony Pictures and Lehman Brothers. Rich graduated from UC Santa Barbara and received an MBA from The Wharton School.

Rich enjoys Kuli Kuli’s Moringa Green Energy shots.

Jim Thorne
SVP Global Strategy & Marketing, Griffith Foods

Jim is a dynamic leader and a decisive business executive with global experience in the exciting, dynamic fast-moving consumer goods industry. A Canadian native, Jim has spent 30 years in the food industry, working with well-known companies including Nabisco, Campbell Soup and Maple Leaf Foods. Jim has held leadership positions at Griffith Foods for the past five years where he is driven by Griffith's purpose to Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World. Jim is a fan of Kuli Kuli's Pure Organic Moringa Powder and is working hard with his team to get it onto menus worldwide.

Our Advisors

Jed Fahey
Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University's Schools of Medicine and Public Health, Director of the Cullman Chemoprotection Center

Jed spent the first 15 years of his career in the agricultural biotechnology industry and has spent the last 23 years at Johns Hopkins where he added a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry to his masters in botany. The Chemoprotection Center that he directs, in the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences, focuses on exploiting plants and their defensive strategies, for the protection of human beings against chronic diseases. In this capacity he has invested a great deal of time and effort on clinical trials examining the effects of broccoli sprouts (which contain phytochemicals extremely closely related to those found in moringa) in protecting against cancers, COPD, asthma, autism, schizophrenia, air pollution injury, and other diverse conditions. Dr. Fahey co-founded a company in the late 1990s whose mission was to develop chemoprotective food products. He currently teaches graduate courses in JHU's Bloomberg School of Public Health (Dept. of International Health, Center for Human Nutrition) on "Food, Technology, and Health", and in the School of Medicine, on "Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease". Dr. Fahey is widely regarded as an authority on moringa, with which he has been working scientifically for almost 20 years.

Beth Sirull
President & CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

Beth Sirull is a mission-driven, pragmatic leader with the demonstrated ability to marshal both financial capital and human resources to deliver exceptional results on time and within budget. Beth is the President and CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego (JCFSD), which manages nearly $450 million in philanthropic assets for organizations and individuals. Prior to joining JCFSD, Beth served as President/CEO of Pacific Community Ventures (PCV), a combined for-profit/nonprofit community development organization that leverages human and financial capital investment to create jobs and economic opportunities in low income communities. Previously, Beth worked in several marketing and strategy positions in financial services. Beth received the 2015 James Irvine Foundation California Leadership Award and was named to Forbes' list of 30 Top Social Entrepreneurs and to the San Francisco Business Times' list of Most Influential Women in Business. She is the author of Creating Your Life Collage: Strategies for Solving the Work/Life Dilemma (©Random House, 2000). Beth holds an undergraduate degree from Brandeis University, an MBA from Boston University and an MPP from the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley.

Wood Turner
Vice President at Agriculture Capital

Wood brings over 20 years of experience in corporate sustainability, environmental management, and consumer engagement. Most recently, he was on the executive team at organic yogurt pioneer Stonyfield Farm as the company’s VP Sustainability Innovation. Prior to that, he was founding executive director of Climate Counts, an international NGO focused on measuring and scoring the world’s largest consumer companies on their concrete, enterprise-level responses to climate change. Wood has consulted to brands, elected officials, and public agencies on mobilizing the public around ideas that improve the environment and build community. Born and raised in North Carolina, Wood earned his undergraduate degree from Duke University and a graduate degree in urban and environmental planning from the University of Washington. He is an expert in residence at the Presidio Graduate School and sits on the advisory boards of Sustainable Brands and Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment.

Chris Mann
CEO / Chairman of the Gourd @ Guayaki

Chris got his BA in Economics from Harvard University but quickly realized that economics conveniently forgot about sustaining the environment and protecting people. Through his experience with Guayaki and previously with Natural Flavors, a 100% organic, vegan restaurant that employed 25 people and 60 local farmers, Chris is finding that by recognizing common purpose, seemingly disparate groups can integrate social justice, environmental restoration and economic success.

Larry Litvak
Lecturer at Stanford University

For three decades Larry Litvak has been a leader in the management, financing and governing of organizations pursuing social change. He has been a senior manager in two highly successful, socially- oriented business ventures: Walden Asset Management, one of the pioneers of socially responsible investing, and Working Assets/Credo Mobile, a telecommunications firm that has generated nearly $70 million to support progressive non-profits. He has been a board member of eight different entities, including domestic and international loan funds, social service providers, a public oversight board, a fiscal sponsor and a drug development enterprise. Larry has been a decision maker in the granting of approximately $100 million to social sector organizations. Larry has a bachelor's degree from Stanford and a master's degree from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Sam Goldman
Founder & Chief Consumer Officer of d.light

Sam co-founded d.light in 2007 and served as the company’s founding CEO. d.light has impacted over 84 million lives, providing solar powered lights and home systems to families with limited or no electricity. d.light has offices across Africa and Asia serving 62 countries, and provides employment to thousands of solar entrepreneurs. Sam is an Ashoka Fellow and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader; and recognized by Forbes as one of the world’s top 30 social entrepreneurs, and by the African Leadership Network as a next generation leader for Africa. Prior to d.light, he founded and managed multiple ventures in Africa, including improved agriculture and construction businesses, a for-profit NGO cultivating Moringa, and the distribution of low-cost latrines. Sam joined the Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa where he first worked with moringa. He has degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies and an MBA from Stanford.

Derek Proudian
Venture Investor, Start-Up CEO, and Entrepreneur

Derek Proudian is a Silicon Valley venture investor, start-up CEO, and entrepreneur. Derek has served as the CEO of six venture-capital backed companies, including Zip2 (Elon Musk's first company) which he sold to Compaq for over $300 million. Derek has worked as a general partner at the venture capital firm Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV), a Venture Partner at Morgan Stanley Ventures, and an R&D manager at Hewlett-Packard Labs. As a general partner at MDV he was part of a team that turned $225 million of investment into $3.5 billion in returns for limited partners. He holds a BS in Cognitive Science, a BA in Creative Writing, a Masters in Computer Science and a Masters in Business, all from Stanford University. He also holds five issued US patents. As a founding board member Derek has helped shepherd a number of companies to successful exits, including mSpot sold to Samsung in 2012 for $50 million, Daintree Networks sold to General Electric in 2016 for $100 million, and SquareTrade sold to Allstate in 2017 for $1.4 billion.

Giving everyone access to the nutritional power of moringa.