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This superfood is employing farmers and fighting deforesta...

This superfood is helping hundreds of farmers find work

Posted by NowThis on Monday, April 24, 2017

What They're Saying

"Move over, kale—there’s a new super green...People want to know the story behind their food, and this is a product that helps to empower women."

"What is really exciting about Moringa is that it provides needed nutrition and ‘nutraceutical’ effects for people in places where these things are really needed."

"Oakland-based food startup Kuli Kuli has raised $4.25 million in a Series A round of funding to bring moringa, a high-protein plant, to more kitchens in the U.S."

"This superfood-combined with cherries, almonds, dates, tapioca syrup, and organic sunflower oil- means these bars are nutritionally superb and taste great."

"The leaves of the moringa trees may be the world's most nutritious green—and they're coming to a health-food store near you."

"Moringa Green Energy shots from Kuli Kuli provides all the health benefits you need in a convenient, 2.5 fl oz bottle. Each bottle contains 1/2 cup of leafy moringa green paired with caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee and powerful, jitter-free energy boost for up to 6 hours."

"Kuli Kuli works primarily with women’s collectives to boost female empowerment, a key force for improving communities as a whole. In those places, the company works with farmers to anticipate the demand for each harvest and ensure they earn more than they did with traditional staple crops. That eliminates uncertainty and endows the crop with more prestige, which has lead to more of the people who grow it eating it."

"Kuli Kuli’s dedication to creating a fair food chain and using the food economy to improve conditions in under-privileged regions embodies the caring and concern and integrity that are the hallmarks of the new spirit of ‘conscious capitalism’ that is driving a revolution in the food industry today."

"Kuli Kuli is creating a sustainable source of moringa seeds, a 'super-food' packed with nutrients, in West Africa and then uses them to produce nutrition bars that it sells in the United States. Kuli Kuli helps women form farming cooperatives that teach them how to farm moringa, process it in a way that preserves its valuable nutrients, and incorporate it into their families’ diets. This solution tackles both malnutrition and poverty."

"The market for energy and nutritional bars is pegged at more than $2 billion, and it's growing fast, with some estimates pegging growth at 7% to 9%. If Kuli Kuli can position moringa as a superfood, the market is even bigger, in the tens of billions."

"It's important to the company that they're creating a new market for people in Africa to work in--the company sources most of its harvested moringa from women's collectives in Ghana."

"In the competitive nutrition bar market, Kuli Kuli has managed to stand out because of its backstory and international partnership... It’s about employing women and empowering communities, rather than just feeding the hungry."

"Kuli Kuli also offers proof to an age-old dictum in the natural products market: Just when you think the nutrition bar market is too saturated for a new bar to make a splash, a brand comes along and does just that."

"[Kuli Kuli] diverg[es] from the typical 'hand-out'-based model of helping impoverished areas of Africa."

What is Kuli Kuli?

Kuli Kuli connects people in the U.S. in search of nutritious food to those in the developing world who need it through moringa, one of the most nutritious plants on the planet.

Kuli Kuli Details

Founders: Lisa Curtis, Valerie Popelka, Jordan Moncharmont, Anne Tsuei

Headquarters: Oakland, CA

Launch Date: June 2013

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